Maple Camper Box

A while ago, a dear friend called to say she wanted a simple, no-frills box made for her teardrop camper, and would be round to talk details. A couple of hours later Louise appeared with trailer in tow.

The box was going to be for storing clothes and had to fit within the under-shelf area, be easy to slide in and out and have a lid.

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Oak Kitchen Table

Oak Kitchen Table

When I was growing up, we always ate our meals at the Ercol Trestle table, it was where the family gathered, conversations and the hot topic of the day were discussed, stories and jokes were told, meals were eaten, and my mother could keep an eye on us while doing our homework; clothes were made on that table, and board games and jigsaws were puzzled over. Everything revolved around that kitchen table

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Make something!

Make something useful today.Make something ugly and then make it better.Make something to give away.Make something for the sake of making something beautiful.Make something just for yourself or someone you love.Make something that improves the world around you.It's...

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