IMG_8929Classes are 3 hours long starting at 1pm a Fri, Sat or Sun.

Classes will cover standard woodworking topics such as:

Selection, care and use of tools  – In this class you will learn which tools to start with, what are ‘essential’, where to find good used tools and what to look for. How to restore, clean and, if necessary, sharpen  $135

Introduction to basic joinery – In this class you will learn how to use hand tools, layout techniques for the classic joinery, including half-lap, mortise & tenon, through dovetails, and half-blind dovetail – these joints are typically used in table and drawer construction, $145*

Using hand planes and chisels– preparing wood, jointing, finishing, chamfering and sharpening – $145

Personalized Instruction –  you pick the topic – $160/hr for 3 hours

Additional Personalized Instruction – $40/hr for each additional hour.

All prices are per person. Family discounts are available for parent/child or spouse instruction. Contact me to register for classes.

*this includes materials.


Biggles Shop Dog is always around and wanting to meet the new students and of course get in on the act.