IMG_8929Classes are 3 hours long starting at 1pm Sat or Sun.

Classes will cover standard woodworking topics such as:

Care and use of tools  – In this class you will learn the parts of a plane, how to assemble, clean and sharpen  $135

Introduction to basic dovetail joinery – In this class you will learn how to use hand tools, layout techniques for the classic through dovetail, and half-blind dovetail used in drawer construction, $135*

Introduction to basic Mortise and Tenon Joinery – In this class you will learn layout techniques for creating mortise and tenons – this course will also Introduce you to sharpening chisels and Plane irons $125

Using hand planes – preparing wood, jointing, finishing, chamfering and sharpening – $125

Personalized Instruction –  you pick the topic – $155

Additional Personalized Instruction – $40/hour

All prices are per student. Family discounts are available for parent/child or spouse instruction. Contact me to register for classes.

*supplies are $5 per b/f regardless of the wood species.


Biggles Shop Dog is always around and wanting to meet the new students and of course get in on the act.