2015-07-29_14-12-28Half-Lap & Halving Joints

The third of several articles on using hand tools.

This article first appeared in The GMC Group’s Publication Woodwork Craft 2015

As a boy, attending secondary school in England in 70’s, I was required to take woodworking classes as part of my education. For most of us this was our first encounter with using traditional hand tools. We learned how to manipulate wood by planing, sawing and chiseling and created all sorts of things including garden dibbers, boxes, chessboards and coffee tables.

Forty years on I am still using some of my early creations, and can still recall the sense of pride at having created something with my own hands. Mr. Young our woodwork teacher knew everything there was to know about wood, tools, and techniques. He instilled in me a passion for woodworking. I realise now that he was probably a disciple of the School of Sloyd. A system of learning that imparts knowledge, order and exactness of skills in ever-increasing levels of difficulty with little or no hands-on assistance from the teacher  Read the full article here…

This article first appeared in The GMC Group publication Woodwork Craft