IMG_1265 With most objects that are specifically right-handed and difficult to use left-handed one can usually buy a left handed version (except chain saws, but that’s another story).  Scissors, golf clubs and rifles all have a left-handed version.

IMG_1256You would think that rulers and tape measures would be like mugs, hand-agnostic, but that assumption would be incorrect.  This image shows two Stanley No. 10, rulers. One with the numbers running left to right and the other right to left.

Why does left-right matter? Well, if you are right-handed you hold your pencil in your right hand and the measure held in your left hand – therefore the numbers (with a standard ruler) are upside-down.  Gosh is it easy to miss-read.  Well it is for me…

IMG_2160Is that 2-½” or 3-½”?

My go to ruler is the one on the top.
However – never forget the rule (pun intended) measure twice – cut once.