black-locustI have recently been working with Locus (I think it’s Black Locus Robinia pseudoacacia), it is hard and I mean really hard – in fact it is 1700 on the Janka hardness scale. Teak is a mere 1070 and White Oak 1350. It can grow to 100′ and has a crushing strength of 10,200 lb/in² and has no characteristic odour, unlike African Juniper that has a pleasant, cedar-like scent.

You are probably wondering how I know this stuff. Apart from the fact that I am a Fund of useless Knowledge.  Well, I found a great website, The Wood Database, that is a repository of information about all wood spices.

The site even has a ‘periodic table’ of wood showing physical properties that is easily searchable.

The database includes, Strength, weight, shrinkage, rot resistance, workability, odor, common uses, allergies, price, color, etc. This site literally lists every fact about most woods, even information that you might not need to know.