Clean the Table saw with WD-40 and 600 grit emery paper – sanding parallel to the blade.

After cleaning up – apply Renaissance Wax.
Renaissance wax is a waterproof, protective paste that was originally developed in England in the 50’s. It was developed by the British Museum as a way to protect the historical items and artifacts stored there. It is safe to use on almost every type of material including wood, leather, metals, pottery, jewelry and even book covers. When applied to metal objects, Renaissance wax prevents tarnish from developing on the object’s surface.

Use a soft cloth to apply and work in circles, cover the entire surface.

Use a clean cloth and buff the surface. Renaissance wax does not build up like other waxes, so you can apply additional coats as needed without dulling the finish of the object.

Only a small amount of Renaissance wax is required to cover most objects.

I also apply the wax to the fence and the blade – Make sure the saw is off :-)