The gap stop works very well when planing perpendicularly to the gap stop.  However, any planing at an angle less than 60 to the gap stop (such as when flattening a board), cause the board to slide along the bench.

By adding a notch to the top side of the gap stop and inserting a piece of wood this issue was resolved.

The beauty of this arrangement is that by tilting the board in the vise various thicknesses, greater than 3/8″ of stock can be planed.  For narrower stock I would use a holdfasts, but for me they tend to get in the way and the last thing I want to do is hit the plane against the holdfast.

Plane Stop

Video coming soon…

I was asked recently for more information about my bench, specifically “how long did it take to build?”.   The build alone probably took 250+ hours excluding the photographing and write up.  However my workshop seems to be outside the normal time space continuum. The moment I am in there time slows down and what I think is a few minutes is actually several hours to those outside…

You can see the full build description here.