Partly out of the frustration of having to clean the rust off tools after one too many humid summers, and partly because I was tired of looking for a tool that I had put down, in an obscure location, while looking for another tool…

It was time to get organized and protect my tools.

I wanted something quick and simple that could be made in an afternoon.  I had created several designs – most of which were variations on the wall cabinet theme, but they all had limitations – mainly that I had to walk across the shop to get a tool , and I felt that that would just perpetuate the misplaced-tool-issues I was already having… I decided that I needed a different place to store my tools that was mobile, accessible and most of all dry!

A tool chest.


Studley Tool Chest

Tool chest have been around for several hundred years. Some are incredibly ornate and beautiful, such as the Henry O. Studley tool chest.






I needed something more utilitarian and quick to make.
Here is the result – based on the The Anarchist’s Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz

I ended up removing the dividers from the tills – that way I am free to place and move tools from lower tills as projects dictate.

Click on the image below to see various stages of the build.  I did add holders in the lid for my two tenon saws.


Next time we’ll look at the tools that are in the chest and their use.