Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.17.42 PMI am not a handtool purest – I use power tools when needed, but there are many traditional hand tool only woodworkers out there, perhaps the most well known is Roy Underhill of the Woodwright Shop.  But this week I stumbled upon Chop with Chris.  Chris is a woodworker in the true sense of the word – No Electricity – just Muscle power.  Chris’ show is great entertainment for both woodworkers and non woodworkers alike.   Chris’ videos, expertly, made using time lapse videography techniques, squashing what must be days if not weeks of work into just a few minutes.

Check out his video  of the foot powered lathe.   The Dog sled is also great – I especially like the steam bender made from a log. I know you will enjoy it!

Some of his techniques and designs are inspiring and you have to respect the man for his ability, skill and fitness,  not least because he wealds a pretty mean axe.