IMG_0295I was recently commissioned to make a cherry book case for a gift.  The wood is old Cherry – although it was so weathered it was thought, at first, to be walnut.  The design was rustic – live edge and asymmetric.


The shelves are made of two pieces of both heart and sap wood for contrast with the leading edge of all shelves live (not actually live, but with bark), alternating left and right on each shelf.  The shelves are stopped dadoed into the sides. These dadoes stop about 1-1/2″ from the front of the shelf viz. the front 1-1/2″ is free floating. The alternative would have been to create a dado custom made to perfectly matched the profile of the front edge of each shelf.

The sides are two pieces of heart wood  asymmetric in height, as is the back.


click the image below to see the full build

Cherry Bookcase