Wormy Side Table

Wormy Side Table

As a woodworker and avid ‘upcycler’, I am always loathed to see wood go to waste. So, when a friend said they had some wormy maple they couldn’t use I knew I just had to have it. Instantly I knew I wanted to make something with it that would show off the worm holes to create a beautifully organic effect in the piece.

Irish Bag Pipes

I have been asked to make/repair many things over the years, but none so interesting as an Irish Bagpipe pipe. I was contacted by a bagpipe maker to match the wood colour for a section of an Irish bagpipe.

Spring Clean

With so much activity in the shop it is hard to find the time to clean the tools… But it’s important to once in a while clean the table saw.

Part 7 – Sliding lid box

I have been fascinated with boxes for as long as I can remember and have amassed quite a collection, ranging from simple rectangular boxes to more complex sculpted puzzle boxes that I have long since forgotten how to open. In this article I am going to take you through the steps of creating a simple sliding lid box using some new techniques. Read more…

Paint Encrusted Door Hardware

The re-purposed door for the potting shed (an article yet to be finished) had a really neat door bell – a manual rotary – the sort that by spinning the knob rotates a set of gears inside that in turn forces the ‘clackers’ out to hit the bell itself – basically works like a bicycle bell.

Gun Rack

Black Walnut is a beautiful wood and also wonderful to work with.  It is fairly common, and good quality black walnut lumber is not hard to find, but can be quite costly – I have several huge Walnut trees in my back garden that one day may make a nice piece of...