slides179A friend stopped by today and took a look at my latest project an Oak kitchen cabinet as we were chatting he asked me “…when did I start doing this stuff?”

This week Lisa and I have been going through old photos, and I found this photo,I must have been about 5 – note the tools: dovetail back saw, hammer, cramp, pencil, 2 ziz-zag ruler and hammer and a satchel to carry it all in.  What more do you need?

Oh, yes, and some help from my Apprentice…




IMG_1166IMG_5815I still have the first dovetail box I made – probably made when I was 8  – note the strategic use of nails :-) guess at that age I realized that the joints may not last… Interestingly, in some old furniture I discovered in an antique store, the same nailed dovetail technique was employed – though in this case I suspect the reason was due to the glue joints, having been ‘dipped’ to remove all the old surface, failing.  Dipped furniture, from experience – especially softer woods, has a tendency to ‘fur’ up.

If you are interested in seeing the process of making half-blind dovetails, check out the bench build dovetail.

Do you have any unusual joinery photos? if so drop me a line.