the-complete-book-of-woodwork-60836966-zoom-1Charles H. Hayward was born April 26, 1898, in London, the son of a woodworker, educated in London, Hayward serves in World War I for two years, 1916-18.

Hayward – a self-employed cabinetmaker in London, England, for 12 years, 1913-25, becomes editor of Handicrafts, London, 1925-35, later Woodworker, London, editor, 1935-68. For two years, 1938-39, he lectures at Shoreditch Training College.

The Books of Charles H. Hayward are still today the definitive traditional reference source for English woodworking. The Complete Book of Woodwork is a standard work for anyone who wishes to learn about the craft to an advanced level.

2015-02-25_15-17-13The final section of designs, with fully dimensioned drawings, clear sketches and cutting lists, offers woodworkers the maximum of practical aid to start work on their own.

Hayward’s writing career spanned some 56 years from 1923 – 1979, he authored and contributed to over 36 books.

The Complete Book of Woodwork contents are:


1. tools : the kit
2,3,4 & 5 how to maintain & use tools
6. light machines for woodwork
7. construction
8. joints (check this scan of a page showing dovetails)
9. metal fittings
10. veneering
11. wood carving
12. wood turning
13. timber & materials
14. wood finishing
15. adhesives
16. designs

Download an article from the April 1939 VXLIII No.545 – A Special Garden Woodwork edition – Making a garden Wheel Barrow.

In this Video, British craftsman Jeremy Broun talks about Hayward’s influence on him as a craftsman and illustrator. It is well worth watching.

More excerpts from Hayward’s wonderful books will appear in future posts.