Cross Cut Sled

Cross Cut Sled

You could even prep the wood on the floor with a circular saw. But, you have to have space to do this and a circular saws tends to leave a very ragged saw cut.

Jarvi Bench

This is probably one of the best woodworking video I have seen in a long time. From cutting the tree, milling the timber, making insane cuts, steam bending with incredible jigs, sanding, and finishing.  A single piece of wood Just Amazing!  And those tools!!! His dust...

Home made grinding Jig

25° Grinding Jig. Here is a jig to set the angle on a grinder. It can be made for any angle. My grinder is an 8” machine with the standard tool rest. The wheel is a Norton 3x 46 grit When adjusting the tool rest for a specific angle you need to take into account two...