2015-05-28_15-51-19If you have been following my woodworking adventures you will have noticed a bit of a hiatus in my posts.  Well there’s a good reason – I have been busy with projects that have taken longer than expected, but more importantly, I was commissioned to write a regular article for a brand new UK magazine from GMC Publications call Woodworking Crafts. 

Woodworking Crafts is intended for anyone and everyone from beginners to experienced woodworkers who want to expand their range woodworking knowledge and learn new skills. It covers everything from green woodworking to cabinetmaking to DIY, upcycling, restoration and many craft disciplines based on wood such as marquetry, pyrography, woodturning and carving. The emphasis is on applied techniques and working with different tools and materials. Readers are encouraged to interact and play their part too, with reader based product tests, letters, hints and tips published in each issue.

Fig. 15 Pegged mortise and tenon  joint in a medieaval barn - note the marriage marks to make for easy reassembly_resizeThe first article is: Using hand tools and traditional methods to make a draw-bored mortise and tenon joint.