Hickory-NutI thought it might be of interest to share some woodworking trivia.  Then again it might be of no interest, but here goes.

Are You Aware:

That the first spirit level was invented in 1660 by Thevenove In France. It was called a Spirit Level because he used wine in tubes. Clearly a man after my own heart.

That years ago when farm field gates where made by hand, it was reckoned a days work (10 hours) to make one. Typically made of hard English oak, and all the wood trued by hand, tenons cut, joints fitted and put together.  Here you can see Roy Underhill make one.

That a 4″ trianular tapered saw file is the correct size for sharpening a saw with 12 tpi (teeth per inch). Small tenon saws usually have 11-12 tpi.

That Hickory grows in America and Asia and is related to the walnut, in fact it bears an edible four-lobed nut.