Bathroom Cabinet

For as long as I can remember there has been an old wooden cabinet in the corner of the bathroom of the family home. Readers of my articles may have caught a glimpse of the cabinet in issue #4 when we looked at making bridle joints.

In this article I’d like to revisit that cabinet – and re-create it by upcycling an old 8’ x 1½” x 10” scaffolding plank.

Whenever using wood from unknown origins it is important to check carefully for nails, metal and other hard foreign material embedded in the surface – even a tiny speck of grit will nick a plane iron. Use a metal detector or thoroughly scrub with a wire brush.

The carcass and shelves are created with boards butt-jointed together, while the sides are connected at the back with a rebate. The inner top and bottom are nailed to the sides.  A base extends beyond the sides and finished with a bull nose profile. The outer top is flush with the sides and a cove and bead profile added.

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This article first appeared in The GMC Group publication Woodwork Craft 2016