IMG_8929If you have ever wanted to learn some wood working skills, have a desire to make something but don’t know where or how to start then these classes are for you.

Classes will be 3 hours long starting at 1pm Sat or Sun and will cover standard woodworking topics such as:

Introduction to basic joinery – In this class you will learn how to choose and use basic hand tools, layout techniques for classic mortise and tenons joinery. $125

Advanced joinery – through and blind dovetails – sliding dovetails – $125

Using hand planes – preparing wood, jointing, finishing, chamfering, and rebates  – $125

Personalized Instruction –  you pick the topic – $125

Additional Personalized Instruction – $45/hour

All prices are per student. Family discounts are available for parent/child or spouse instruction. Contact me to register for classes.