Make a Traditional French Breadboard

On a recent trip to England I was taken to a very Parisian style café. Hanging on the wall were several exquisite large bread boards of varying shapes – you’ve probably seen them – 45cm in diameter with a narrow handle.  They fascinated me – how could something so wide and thin not be warped? As luck would have it, my sister has a couple tucked on a high shelf in her kitchen. It wasn’t until I had the chance to take them down and give them a good assessment that the warp-free secret was revealed.

On returning to my wood shop in the US, I set about making some.  These boards make great gifts and in this article you will get to practice your sawing, hand planing and dovetailing (yes dovetail) skills on that all important warp-free technique! Read the full Article here These boards are made from pine- are rectangular, oval or circular. Prices range from $20 to $75. A $20 board typically will be approx 9″ in diameter – the board in the article is large and is $75. 

If you are interested in a bread board, they are available by clicking the link below.  

This article first appeared in The GMC Group publication Woodwork Craft 2018