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Hope you are able to stay warm this winter. It's been pretty cold in our neck of the woods. But Biggles and I have been a busy in woodshed. We have made a lot of sawdust & woodchips.

Window Seat

Book Case window seat

Sash Windows

Making Sash Windows Of all the tasks of the joiner, perhaps no other has exacted the most skill and afforded the most income, than that of the window sash maker. If you have never attempted to make a sash, I highly recommend it, if for no other reason than to test your layout, precision and organisational skills. In this article …

The Craftsman's Triangle

Fast, Good, Cheap - The Craftsman's Triangle

Axe Handle

Humans have been using handheld, rudimentary stone implements for some 2.5 million years, but it wasn’t until around 11,000 years ago that humans began to develop their tool production skills. Instead of simple, cone shaped chipped stones, tools became highly polished axe shaped implements, ideal for a hunter-gatherer life style. This was the beginning of the Stone Age, the period in human history that marks the advent of tool production. The name comes from the fact that most of the period’s cutting tools are made from stone.

Making Marking Gauges

Let’s face it marking gauges are not flashy, cost very little and after the piece of furniture is produced, there is little evidence or much thought given to what part the marking tools played in its production.
But in my opinion, one of the most important tools used by woodworkers, and the one that I reach for in most of my projects, is the humble marking gauge.
Mystery tool. If you think you know what it is used for - post a comment.
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