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The Potting Shed

For years we have been thinking of building a potting shed – but how it should look and where to place it have always prevented us from starting – that is until this spring when the location was decided and we broke ground. The foundation is 4 4x4 pressure treated (PT) posts sunk into the ground. The PT frame was then created to support the floor extending 3’ in the front to support a porch. Read more...

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Mystery Wood

I have just finished a project that used Maple and some unknown wood - at first I thought it was walnut - it had that walnut smell when cut, but comparing it to a known piece of walnut revealed different characteristics.

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Part 7 - Sliding lid box

I have been fascinated with boxes for as long as I can remember and have amassed quite a collection, ranging from simple rectangular boxes to more complex sculpted puzzle boxes that I have long since forgotten how to open. In this article I am going to take you through the steps of creating a simple sliding lid box using some new techniques. Read more...

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