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It's been a busy time in the woodshop - new heater installed to replace the vent free (high moisture producing unit) and the completion of a large built in bookcase and cupboard - Two new articles written for my continuing series in 'Woodworking Craft' magazine from The UK's GMC Group. Three weeks away and home to a flooded office - so new flooring and new walls have been a priority and a good excuse to finally make the built in we have always wanted in the office (more on this in a subsequent post)

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Mark Your Work

Wood marking
Once upon a time there was a gifted craftsman who made the most incredible products anyone had ever seen or used. Word increased about how amazing his products worked, yet sales did not increase. People looked, but simply could not find or identify his products. Why? Because his products were not marked! The moral of this story is;
"If it is worth making, it is worth marking"

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Fig. 26 - and there you have it a great cutting board_resize

Part 6 - Breadboard Ends

The sixth of several articles on using hand tools - Creating a cutting board using Breadboard Ends

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Wooden Walls Australian Style

While looking for a video about Timber Framing I came across this video and decided to have a monthly Woodworking Video from Around the World.  Enjoy!

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Router plate in location - just the mitre slots to add.

Router Table Upgrade

Router plate in location - just the mitre slots to add. This will be the forth Router table upgrade - the first was simply the router held in the vice - not the safest of methods. Following that I added a table into the extension wing of my old Craftsman table saw - which had served me well over the …

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