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It's been a crazy Summer - Two new articles written for my continuing series in 'Woodworking Craft' magazine from The UK's GMC Group. Three weeks away and home to a flooded office - so new flooring and new walls have been a priority and a good excuse to finally make the built in we have always wanted in the office (more on this in a subsequent post)

The long awaited Potting Shed article is in the works and are looking to do a feature on the build and some of the design element.

And the woodshop took on a new 'apprentice' aka Biggles - who has a lot to learn when it comes to working wood.

In the mean time, thanks for your continued interest.


Fig. 24 - Plane and Square the frame_resize

Part 5 - Panel Doors

Creating a Simple Panel Door with Basic hand Tools This article first appeared in The GMC Group's Publication Woodwork Craft Issue 5 2015   Right now the humidity outside my air-conditioned workshop is around 85% and climbing and all of the wood in my workshop is swelling. It’s a fact: wood expands and contracts and when making furniture you have …

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Table Saw Realignment

I knew I had a problem when cherry and maple started go through the table saw and get scotched.  There are several reasons this can happen: Dull Blade, Dirty Blade, Feed rate too slow, Warped blade, Misaligned fence, Riving Knife misaligned or Warped Wood. After ruling out most of these it appeared that the fence had moved out of alignment by about …

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Fig. 1 - Bridle joint on an old medicine cabinet_resize

Part 4 - Creating Bridle Joints

Other article By Michael Beginners' guide to hand tools Part 1 Beginners' guide to hand tools Part 2 Beginners' Guide to Handtools Part 3   The forth of several articles on using hand tools. This article first appeared in The GMC Group's Publication Woodwork Craft Issue 4 2015 Bridle joints can be use anywhere you might use half-lap or mortise …

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Paint Encrusted Door Hardware

The re-purposed door for the potting shed (an article yet to be finished) had a really neat door bell - a manual rotary - the sort that by spinning the knob rotates a set of gears inside that in turn forces the 'clackers' out to hit the bell itself - basically works like a bicycle bell. But after many years …

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