Dear reader, 

Spring may have finally sprung... and it's time to clean out the workshop after months of making sawdust and woodchips.

There's also been a bit of a hiatus in the woodshop as I was asked to write a second article and several small 'filler' pieces.  Writing isn't what takes the time, it's the filming all the stages - but is a great deal of fun! 

The first article will be published in June in a brand new magazine - stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime enjoy these random jottings from S&W.

Thanks for your continued interest.


Mystery Tool of the Week

Do YOU know what this tool is called and what was it used fo …

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Custom Router Plane

I recently needed to route out a 1/4" stopped dado - I could have chiseled it out, but I recalled seeing Garret Hack make custom scratch stock for edge moulding, and thought I could do the same

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The Superior Works

I know that most woodworkers would rather part with their ha …

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17th Century Jointed Stool

Step one in making a 17th century jointed stool - Take one b …

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Now I have the glue on these boards and am ready to drive so …

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