Dear reader, 

there's been a bit of a 'hiatus' this week .  I was commissioned to write an article for a Uk magazine, and that  has taken longer tan I expected.  More on this will follow in due course.

In the meantime enjoy the random jottings from S&W.

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Plane Truth - Part 2

Two additional, specialized, planes to add to your tool chest -

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Tool Kits Through the Years

Continuing with the Tool Kit theme - I thought it would be interesting to look at toolkits through the centuries.




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Wood Floor

Okay,  I get it! I need a wood floor in the wood shop. I hav …

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Coping Sled

Simple Cope and Stick Sled

Cope and stick construction is a technique used in making panel doors for cabinets and window frames. Rails and stiles are given a decorative profile, using paired router bits.

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