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Logging of the Redwoods 1940s

Redwood Saga is an educational film from 1946 showing the cu …

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Charles Hayward - The Complete Book of Woodwork

Charles H. Hayward was born April 26, 1898, in London, the son of a woodworker, educated in London, Hayward serves in World War I for two years, 1916-18.

Hayward - a self-employed cabinetmaker in London, England, for 12 years, 1913-25, becomes editor of Handicrafts, London, 1925-35, later Woodworker, London, editor, 1935-68. For two years, 1938-39, he lectures at Shoreditch Training College.

The Books of Charles H. Hayward are still today the definitive traditional reference source for English woodworking. The Complete Book of Woodwork is a standard work for anyone who wishes to learn about the craft to an advanced level.

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Stanley Tool Company

Without doubt one of the best known hand tool manufacturers is the Stanley Tool Company. It was founded by Frederick T. Stanley in 1843, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut.

The Stanley Rule and Level Company was founded in 1857 by Henry Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut.

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Woodworking Nostalgia

A friend stopped by today and took a look at my latest project an Oak kitchen cabinet as we were chatting he asked me "...when did I start doing this stuff?"

This week Lisa and I have been going through old photos, and I found this photo,

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