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Welcome to Sawdust & Woodchips - the Polar Vortex edition.  Wow has it been cold in this part of the World and the wood pile is all to rapidly shrinking.

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By Hand and Eye

A delightful stop motion animation about how artisans carried out design from antiquity to the dawn of the industrial age (when, in a nutshell, arithmetic trumped the simple geometric relationships of natural






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Wood Rack

The wood was piling up and probably not a good idea to keep …

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Turned Kokeshi Doll

In the mesmerizing video, master wood turner,Yasuo Okazaki, turns  Kokeshi dolls






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Fire Place Rehab


We don't watch a lot of TV, but we do like to watch those Fixer Upper shows, due mainly because of the ideas they inspire in us, and February seems to be a good month, in this part of the world, to work inside on house projects.

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Seasonal Winter Furniture Project

After yet another fridgid  blast of Winter this weekend and the path to the woodshop thigh deep,

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